Our Team

Investment Team

SkyBridge’s investment team is led by Ray Nolte, CIO, and the Portfolio Managers. The investment team has managed the fund of hedge funds with the same investment process since 2005 (at the previous investment manager). Our research analysts cover the four major hedge fund strategies including Relative Value Arbitrage, Event Driven, Directional Macro and Directional Equity.

Operational Due Diligence

SkyBridge’s operational due diligence team is comprised of three individuals with over 30 years of combined experience analyzing hedge funds. The operational due diligence process is separate from the investment due diligence process, and the team reports directly to the CIO. The operational due diligence team has veto power over the investment due diligence team.

Investment Due Diligence

The investment due diligence team is led by the CIO. Each SkyBridge product or service is led by a Senior Portfolio Manager and a Portfolio Manager who are responsible for managing fund sourcing, research, monitoring and due diligence.  Additionally, the Portfolio Managers are responsible for applicable portfolio rebalancing activity.

Risk Management

The risk management team has experience spanning many market cycles. The team is attentive to anticipated performance of fund investments given the hedge fund strategy employed, and continually reviews an underlying manager’s internal capabilities and risk framework infrastructure.