April 2016

Hedge fund investors grasp that their capital will be subject to loss (or gain) from market and other investment-related risk. However, they must also appreciate that their capital will be susceptible to loss – but never gain – from a number of non-investment related risks. Business and operational risks can materially impact a hedge fund investment. Therefore, investors should be aware of the potential effect these risks can have on their portfolios.

A Guide to Hedge Fund Business & Operational Due Diligence, a new white paper issued by SkyBridge Capital, strives to inform investors of these business and operational risks and emphasize the importance of a thorough due diligence program.

In this fifth edition of SkyBridgeViews, read the recently published white paper (link here) and view interviews (conducted in March 2016) with SkyBridge Capital’s investment leadership – Chief Investment Officer Ray Nolte and Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager Troy Gayeski.