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SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund

SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund Prospectus (as of 9/18)

Supplement to the Prospectus (as of 2/25/19)

Supplement to the Prospectus (as of 4/10/19)


Fund Objectives: 

The SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund (the fund) seeks to achieve total return (including capital appreciation and current income). The fund is a core holding appropriate for many investors and may be a complementary diversifier to our fund of funds products. The fund is designed to benefit investors through a combination of income and capital appreciation. The fund seeks to provide investors with potentially attractive current income in today’s low rate environment.

Risk Considerations:

The fund invests primarily in dividend yielding equity securities for which there is no guarantee that a company will increase or continue to pay dividends over time. The fund is subject to overall market risks which will cause its value to fluctuate over time as well as the Adviser’s ability to select securities to meet its objective. To a lesser extent, the fund may also invest in stocks of small to mid-capitalization companies which may involve greater volatility and less liquidity. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund carefully before investing.

Financial Documents and Reports:

Fact Sheet (as of 3/19)

Process Card

2018 Reconstitution Sheet (as of 4/18)

Annual Report (as of 4/18)

Statement of Additional Information (SAI) (as of 9/18)

XBRL Filing (as of 9/18)

The SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund is distributed by Foreside Funds Distributors LLC, which is not an affiliate of SkyBridge Capital or Hastings Capital Group, LLC. Other products on this site may be offered through Hastings Capital Group, LLC.