Our Products

Registered Fund of Hedge Funds

SkyBridge’s registered funds are structured as onshore Delaware LLCs that are taxed as regulated investment companies (RIC). The registered funds have modest minimum investment requirements and are accessible to a broad range of suitable investors.

Mutual Fund

The SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund is structured as a mutual fund. The Fund is a core holding appropriate for many investors and a complementary diversifier to our fund of funds product.

Private Fund of Hedge Funds

SkyBridge’s private funds may be structured as one or both of onshore or offshore funds offered to qualified investors which may or may not invest in a master-feeder structure.

Advisory/Custom Separate Accounts

In addition to commingled funds of hedge funds, SkyBridge provides customized separate account portfolios and advisory services. Clients include family offices, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth investors and a Fortune 500 pension. The separate accounts and advisory businesses apply the same standards and methodologies used by the commingled fund of hedge funds. The separate accounts have varying levels of discretion that seek to capture the client’s investment objectives and liquidity requirements.