January 2015

Why Investors Should Allocate to Hedge Funds – A New White Paper and Video Interviews with SkyBridge Capital’s Investment Leadership

With assets at a record $2.82 trillion, hedge funds today are obviously an integral part of the portfolios of investors, including high-net-worth (HNW) individuals, pension funds and institutional investors. But with the equity bull market in its sixth year and bonds again producing positive returns, some pundits are questioning the wisdom of continuing to allocate capital to hedge funds.

Why Investors Should Allocate to Hedge Funds, a new white paper issued by SkyBridge Capital, articulates – in both a simple explanation and a more complex one – the firm’s viewpoint for why hedge funds should remain an attractive asset class. Topics covered in the white paper include:

–          Why hedge funds: The simple explanation

–          Why the negative bias? Long/Short Equity and Macro struggles

–          Why hedge funds: The more complex explanation

In this fourth edition of SkyBridgeViews, read the recently published white paper and view interviews (conducted at the end of 2014) with SkyBridge Capital’s investment leadership – Ray Nolte, Troy Gayeski and Robert Duggan.

Read a transcript of the videos here.